Google and Local SEO 2015

When it comes to online digital marketing, most of us focus our attention on our websites. But let’s not loose sight of the fact that other external information about our company is just as important and sometimes moreso.

According to Rachel Lindteigen in her recent article for Search Engine Land, when it comes to search engine optimization and digital marketing for your business (whether you’re in Syracuse, New York or Nottingham, England), it is crucial that you think beyond the confines of your company’s website.  This is especially true if you are a business that relies heavily on geographically local customers and clients.  For these types of local businesses, a strong online marketing presence means investing your marketing efforts in review sites, online directories, Google+, and maps.

Maps.  Yes, maps.  You would be amazed how out of date your company’s location information can be when it comes to Google, Yahoo, and a host of other map and directory listings.  Wrong store hours… even wrong store name!

Almost a year ago, Google’s “Pigeon” algorithm update gave more prominence to local map and directory sites such as Yelp. Today, Yelp listings now rank above the business’ website.

If your entire website design and digital marketing strategy are spent entirely on your company website, you are almost certainly missing out of tons of opportunities to beef up your online presence and get noticed by potential customers.