Five Things to Consider When Building a Website

Building (or updating) a website can be a daunting task. There are lots of things to take into account, but here are five things to consider when building a website that are worth your primary consideration.

The internet is one giant warehouse full of companies vying for new customers, so it’s easy to get lost in the information. We have a few things that should always be considered as a necessary part of your website that can help your potential customers weed through that information and choose you instead of your competition.

Client Logos: Show Off Who You’ve Worked For

When building a website from scratch or updating your existing website, one thing to include right off the bat is logos of clients you’ve worked with. It’s great to showcase their work and even mention that you work with “numerous clients,” but when it comes down to it, visually showing exactly who you work with makes a larger impact than just text.

Employee Pages: Getting to Know You

Team pages, employee pages, meet us pages—whatever you decide to call the page that showcases exactly who you are internally, it’s a necessary part of your website. People generally trust other people, not corporations or businesses. When a member of a company takes time to do something extra or personal for you, generally you remember that more than you would remember just a great solution. Trust is built by showing that your company is just a human as the rest of the world.

Affiliations, Awards, and Memberships

If you’re a part of an organization larger than your company or you’ve received rewards recently, display them! It shows that not only are you a company that produces great work, but others have deemed your work great or worthy of a particular organization. People trust people that other people trust. That’s a mouthful, but if you think about it for a little bit, it will make sense.

Reviews or Client Testimonials

This really points back at the mouthful sentence from the last thing to consider. People trust trustworthy people. If you’ve done work for someone and they are impressed, satisfied, or even in awe, let prospective customers know! In sales, there’s a tactic known as the Jones’ effect. If someone else has it, I should too. So if one of your clients has your product, show others exactly why they will love what you can provide!

Building a Website: Quality, Timely Content Customers Want

Talk to your sales staff.  They know what questions potential customers are looking for. Then get that information on your website in a clear, concise, straightforward manner that potential customers can find easily and understand. We are firm believers in writing content that’s relevant to the customer. So writing blog posts, quick snippets, and even reviews of other products shows that you can be trusted as a company—you’re not just out for your own benefit, but you’ve actually got your customers best interests in mind (which of course is in your best long term interest).

Remember these five basic principles and you’ll be good as gold!


Paul Albee is the digital marketing director of ATS Design Group in Syracuse, New York. Paul and his team specialize in all aspects of online digital marketing including Web Design Syracuse, SEO search engine optimization, social media marketing as well as print and advertising design.