ATS Internet Secure Firewall Solutions

  • Fully Managed
  • Outsourced Infrastructure
  • 24 hour Monitoring

ATS Internet’s secure firewall uses advanced stateful packet filtering and proxy technology, on a dedicated management platform, to deliver the ideal security solution for large offices utilizing leased lines or broadband or wanting to protect Facility Managed servers.

Reliable Protection
A secure firewall prevents unauthorized access to networks for your connected network or Facility Managed web server. We configure and install this, freeing you from the management of this complex security/VPN solution. Our dedicated team then monitors the firewall continuously for security alerts, protecting your data and your network.

Outsourced infrastructure
By outsourcing your infrastructure, there is no need for major investment in equipment or staff. Our engineers will conduct an on-site survey covering the network topology and existing service then build a security policy to your requirements.

ATS Internet Secure VPN

Our Secure VPN Solution includes:

  • Secure managed firewall, configured by ATS Internet
  • Scalable VPN connectivity
  • Range of installation options
  • Protection from virtual attacks

A secure firewall – from leading manufacturer WatchGuard – prevents unauthorized access to networks for your connected network or Facility Managed web server. ATS Internet configures and installs this, freeing you from the management of this complex piece of equipment. The team then monitors the firewall continuously for security alerts, protecting your data and your network.

Secure connectivity to remote sites

With telecommuting or working from home on the increase, your office network needs to include remote workers without compromising security. Creating a Virtual Private Network over ATS Internet’s state-of-the-art network provides the ideal answer, as ATS Internet-configured encryption ensures the integrity and security of data at all times.

Current and future flexibility
Infrastructure investment needs to meet your current requirements for performance and cost-effectiveness as well as provide opportunity for growth alongside your business. With varying levels of VPN installation, ATS Internet provides a flexible service to meet your specific needs. And ATS Internet’s Tier-1 network – with current capacity of 8 Terabits per second – has the capacity to accommodate as many extra offices and remote telecommuters as you will ever need and ensures that you won’t be left using legacy technology.

Using ATS Internet Secure VPN to expand your network beyond your physical premises is a cost-effective means of maintaining high levels of protection and integrity.

Email Protection

Virus and Malware Protection
Many anti-virus programs automatically delete all attachments with viruses. With ATS Email Filter, incoming e-mail messages with attachments found to contain viruses are either disinfected and delivered, or the attachments are removed from the email message if they cannot be disinfected. With updates automatically delivered within seconds, ATS Email Filter is effective against even the most recently-launched viruses.

Anti-Spam Filtering
Dealing with the increasing volume of email you receive takes time – and the first and most frustrating step is deleting all those unwanted mass mailings or spam. ATS Email Filter blocks over 95% of all spam from ever reaching your mail server or inbox, with a remarkably low rate of 0.01% for emails wrongly blocked (false positives). With ATS Internet’s expert team managing the configuration and ongoing application of ATS Email Filter, you need not worry about whether the system has been set up properly. You can instead concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that your network — no matter how large or small — is protected.

ATS Email Filter is currently available to all clients for whom we have DNS authority. Please contact us for a quote on your specific needs.

  • Excellent virus detection
  • Virus disinfection, not deletion
  • Spam and Malware detection and interception
  • 0.01% false positives for spam
  • ATS Internet managed service

Corporate Data Security Solutions

Every business has ongoing information and network security issues. With new laws in place, such as HIPPA compliance, as well as the current state of corporate and employee related laws, combined with the easy public access to tools for malicious activity, the opportunity for data compromise and loss is growing.

By choosing an ATS Internet solution, you will benefit from comprehensive monitoring and management, evolving technology, and a knowledgeable engineering staff without the high costs and time involved in implementing and maintaining your own systems.

Hosting your critical applications with ATS Internet allows you to refocus your current staff to other pressing issues within your organization.

ATS Internet’s managed security solutions can provide you with a customized solution that will be cost effective while still providing the technical know-how and the latest technology and upgrades when you need it.

Our staff can also assist you with a comprehensive security analysis and suggest solutions within your organization. For more information on our customer premises engineering and provisioning offerings, please contact us.