For Sales or Customer Service,
please call (315) 454-0357.

At ATS Internet, we listen. If you’ve experienced service problems with past companies, we hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the attention you receive from ATS Internet. We assure you that our entire staff listens and responds to customer concerns.

If you wish to write to us, then tell us which product you want to know about and send your letter to the following:

ATS Internet
Attention: Customer Service
5858 East Molloy Road, Suite 112
Syracuse, New York 13211


If you are aware of potential inappropriate use, please direct the information or evidence to ATS Internet’s Policy Enforcement Team by completing the Internet Abuse Form. The Policy Enforcement Team will investigate potential violations carefully before taking appropriate action.

If you have any questions regarding your Power Link service or are experiencing technical issues, please direct the information to ATS Internet’s Technical Support Team by completing Contact Form below. Our Technical Support Team will investigate and troubleshoot any problems that may affect your service.