Richard Branson on Maintaining Good Customer Service

In a fascinating article in Business Insider, Richard Branson, chairman of the massive Virgin Group, talks about what he’s learned about providing good customer service:

To ensure that his customer service employees are maintaining his vision for the company, he’ll sometimes reach out to customers or pretend to be a customer himself, he says in his new book “The Virgin Way: Everything I Know About Leadership.”

Richard Branson on Maintaining Good Customer Service. In his book, Mr. Branson writes that in all his years of experience in business, he has found an extraordinarily interesting fact: that unhappy customers who have their problem, whatever it may be, handled effectively, quickly and knowledgeably, more times than not end up being long term customers who are more loyal than if they had never had a problem in the first place.

Youtube connected account Facebook.

YouTube: No More Connected Account to Facebook

Youtube creators can no longer automatically post their content to Facebook via a ‘connected account’ integration between the two services.

Youtube to Creators: No More ‘Connected Account’ Option.

Any long-term effects of this move, apparently made by Google/Youtube, have yet to be determined, but for those content creators who rely on the ability to auto-share their content to their facebook page or timeline could see a silent hit to their Facebook video engagement from their Youtube channel.  We say “silent” since this disconnect was not announced.

The silver lining may be that this might be a good time to test out posting videos on Facebook itself.  For those who may not have noticed, the video wars are heating up between Google, the owner of Youtube, and the folks over at Facebook.

Millenial brand attributes that matter most

Millennials: Brand Attributes That Matter Most

Over 40% of millennials (ages 25 to34) in the USA and England have a cynical outlook when it comes to the ways brands across all spectrums try to market and sell to them, according to a new study by Initiative. According to the study, with such a level of general skepticism, brands need to demonstrate a commitment to authenticity, trustworthiness and social causes.

The survey as reported at MarketingCharts, is based on a survey of nearly 10,000 men and women aged 25-34 years old across nineteen countries.

According to the survey, the top brand attributes that matter most to Millennials are:

  • Trustworthiness (31%);
  • Creativeness (29%);
  • Intelligence (23%);
  • Authenticity (22%); and
  • Confidence (21%).

Digital Marketing and Social Media. The survey reinforces the fact that Millennials appreciate and reward brands they perceive as personally useful, and with which they can connect emotionally and authentically.

Read the full story at MarketingCharts

Local SEO Google

Google and Local SEO 2015

When it comes to online digital marketing, most of us focus our attention on our websites. But let’s not loose sight of the fact that other external information about our company is just as important and sometimes moreso.

According to Rachel Lindteigen in her recent article for Search Engine Land, when it comes to search engine optimization and digital marketing for your business (whether you’re in Syracuse, New York or Nottingham, England), it is crucial that you think beyond the confines of your company’s website.  This is especially true if you are a business that relies heavily on geographically local customers and clients.  For these types of local businesses, a strong online marketing presence means investing your marketing efforts in review sites, online directories, Google+, and maps.

Maps.  Yes, maps.  You would be amazed how out of date your company’s location information can be when it comes to Google, Yahoo, and a host of other map and directory listings.  Wrong store hours… even wrong store name!

Almost a year ago, Google’s “Pigeon” algorithm update gave more prominence to local map and directory sites such as Yelp. Today, Yelp listings now rank above the business’ website.

If your entire website design and digital marketing strategy are spent entirely on your company website, you are almost certainly missing out of tons of opportunities to beef up your online presence and get noticed by potential customers.


Google local search behaviour consumers

Understanding Customer Search Behavior

There’s currently a great article over at Think with Google that delves into customer search behavior on a local level.

Google partnered with Ipsos on a recent research study of 5,000 or more smartphone users is the United States.  The result is some vivid insights into how advertisers can extend their relevance in the local search market.

Participants completed an online survey or logged their smartphone search and in-store activities via a mobile diary. Our findings show that four in five consumers want search ads to be customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings. By engaging consumers with location-based ads, advertisers can provide them with the information they need to take action.

Check out the study for some very interesting insights at Think with Google.

Generating Website Traffic for Syracuse SMB

Generating Website Traffic: The Long View

Here are five simple rules to increasing traffic to your website or blog:

1. Get Social

There’s all kinds of social media networks out there:  Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Youtube, the list goes on and on. The more quality posts you create and share, the more likely you are to attract the kinds of people (and customers) you’re looking for.  Be sure to use hashtags to help your content be found.  We’ll discuss hashtags in another post.

2. Write really good content.

What you write about is important to you and to your audience.  Always strive to give something of value to your audience.  You don’t want to read boring, rehashed stuff and neither do they. They came to you for information. Give it to them.  Inspire people with what inspires you and gives you the passion to get out of bed each morning.

3. Links. Links. Links.

Regardless of which social network you happen to be on, be sure to include your website URL (address). Basically, it boils down to “the more inbound links to your website the better.” A word of caution: be conscious about where you are getting those links.  Low quality links can be bad news when it comes to Google ranking your pages in search results.

4. Don’t stuff your content full of keywords.

Keyword stuffing is a Google no-no, and you’ll get your wrists slapped and your website demoted for it. Keep it natural and you’ll be better off in the long run (and so will your website traffic).

5. Video is hot!

You don’t just have to write articles.  You may not feel comfortable doing that a lot.  Not to worry.  Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world.  Between Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your own website blog, there’s plenty to share along with your written words.  Mix it up with relevant, well crafted videos and pictures to keep your audience engaged and more likely to share your content and your message.