Syracuse Website Hosting Specialists

Since 1997, ATS Internet has stood as one of Central New York’s highest quality Internet Service Providers. Founded by a group of networking engineers and design consultants who couldn’t find a reliable ISP for their clients, ATS Internet’s obsession with sound engineering and precision crafted networks has led to a reputation as the place to go for businesses looking for solid network infrastructure and cloud computing solutions.

We also provide:

  • Burstable high-bandwidth/low-latency network connections and infrastructure, including internet connectivity, Wide Area Networks and Virtual Private Networking.
  • Server hosting and server co-location, including both informational and e-commerce shared web hosting and e-mail hosting.
  • Network consulting, integration, and custom LAN, WAN, and VPN solutions, including hardware, software, and engineering.

Website Design and Development

Our Syracuse website design team creates functional, clean, well thought out and highly appealing websites for our clients, reflecting the aims and goals of our clients and fully conveying the positioning and markets of their individual products or services.

Network Engineering.  Our network is designed to provide multiple backbone connections, and an extensive IP network.  Our customers enjoy high bandwidth, low latency, minimal hops, security and redundancy.

Capabilities. ATS Internet has in-depth capabilities as IP specialists with deep infrastructure and wide reach enables it to offer a reliable and unique product set, quality of services and excellent value across a broad spectrum.

We invite you to learn why so many of Central New York’s most astute businesses have done their homework and then chosen ATS Internet as their website hosting provider of choice.