How Do I Promote Local Business on Facebook?

Social media has taken over our lives in many respects. We have built stronger networks, we are able to stay connected with friends and family, make new friends, or promote a brand. There is so much that social media is capable of doing beyond what most of us imagine.

For a business, nobody wants to get a negative reputation. We live in a time when things are updated and advanced, nobody wants to be tagged as outdated. It is important today for a business to build a trustworthy approach and that starts with being involved in social media.

Developing a strong social presence is even more important for small businesses. Social media can help grow your brand and the more people that know about you, the more customers you will gain.

If you’re not ready to get on all the social platforms, you should at least have a presence on Facebook. The world uses Facebook to communicate. You can maximize your potential audience if you use Facebook as a marketing tool.

There are several options within Facebook that you can benefit from, starting with groups, pages with advertisement options. With the many options to promote your business, it can be a little overwhelming.

These five steps can help you get started in growing your customer base:

Make One Business Page on Facebook

Giving your business a professional presence starts by creating a business page. This page will be similar to your personal profile only its focus will be to highlight your business. You won’t be required to make friends to help people know about you. Instead, people can just show their interest in your business by liking your page.

It is important to add as much information as you can so customers can know all the required things about you. You will also want to add a relatable profile picture and cover photo of your page that will be the face of your page and let people know what your business does.

Maintain the Regularity of Posts

Once you have a page created, you are not done. Creating a page is just the first step. Next, you need to post content on it that relates to your business and products/services.

In the beginning, it will be difficult to get lots of likes. Creating posts is something you need to work really hard to get noticed and convince people to like your page. Posting often without large gaps in between is important.

You can make a plan of when you will post each week. These posts are how you engage and attract attention. You can post videos, photos, write-ups, anything that relates to your business.

You can even come up with some short clips that may give a behind-the-scenes look into your business. This can help build trust with potential customers.

Promote Your Facebook Page as Much as Possible

There is no point in putting so much effort into creating posts if nobody will notice it. While building out your page you can send invitations to your friends and people you know. If your business has a website, then you can add to the header for the footer area of your website design a link to your Facebook page to help drive people to your page.

You can have your Facebook link printed on business cards. You can add great deals or discount coupons on your Facebook page to help improve your follower base and ask people to like your page and share it with others

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Engage the Followers on Your Page

Facebook has a sophisticated algorithm, and it prefers pages that have maximum engagement. It is important to not just post just anything. What you post needs to have content that is interesting enough to attract and engage customers.

It is a good idea to be social and engage with your followers. Create some posts that are more conversational and less formal. It is also advised that you be active in responding to your customers, so they know you are conversing with them.

Utilize Facebook Ads Option

Getting organic likes can take a long time and the result may not be as huge as you may want. Don’t get discouraged as you have another option to grow likes. You can advertise through Facebook ads. Promoting your page or a post will reach more people than just organic reach alone.

It can make targeting a particular type of audience much easier. You decide who are your potential customers and reach out to them using ads. Facebook ads can be customized to target a certain base of people by means of age, gender, location, interest, etc. As Facebook collects data on its users, it can reach out to people who have similar interests.

Facebook is just one social media platform, but it is a good place to start to gain a presence that can benefit your business. By not taking advantage of this platform, you are missing out on the growing number of potential online customers. Over the years we have helped thousands of clients get proper guidance and have helped strengthen their online marketing through social media platforms.