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Performance and Availability Counts,
Downtime Costs.

It is the performance and availability of the Network that is the test of any ISP. The network controls how quickly and safely your information moves, no matter how far it has to travel around the globe.

Business Broadband
ATS Internet's Business Broadband service provides fast, always-on Internet connection at a simple flat rate fee, helping you to manage your costs. Available in speeds of 128Kb, 256KB, 512KB,  T1, and T3.

Ideal for the light user who needs more than a dialup connection, ISDN provides a fully digital circuit with instantaneous connection at 128Kb.  This is also an ideal option for broadband clients affording greater protection and peace of mind, when used as a backup option for their existing network. Your Internet service can be quickly transferred to an ISDN connection in the rare event that you suffer a fault on your broadband line.

Dialup Access
ATS Internet's PSTN (public switched telephone network) 56Kbps dialup service is by far the most popular Internet Connectivity solution used in the business marketplace.  Ideal for the occasional, light-duty business, backup internet access for broadband or ISDN customers, and the businessman who is on-the-go, 56K v.92 dialup access is the reliable solution to their internet access needs.

Static IP Addresses
Both ISDN and Dialup connections can be provisioned with a static IP address, allowing you to connect to your computer or network while it is connected to ATS Internet.  A static IP address is perfect for connecting to your company's VPN (Virtual Private Network) or logging on to a corporate network.  You can also use it to remotely access your computers over the Internet (for example, telnet, FTP, or pcAnywhere).


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